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We offer you a 7 day package. It includes 5 days of skiing and two days for transfers (Sofia -Bansko and Bansko-Sofia) and sightseeing (optional).

A typical ski week will look like that:

Day first: Arrival at Sofia airport. After signing a liability form you will be transferred to Bansko town.

If you wish, we can arrange a visit to the Rila Monastery, which is the biggest monastery complex in Bulgaria on our way to Bankso. The complex was found in the middle ages by St. Ivan Rilski and for a long time was the cultural center of the Bulgarians. After the arrival in Bansko, you will be registered at the hotel and meet with your guide. He will reveal to you our safety policies and measures, and will show you around the city.

Your speed will pick up....CLICK
Your speed will pick up...


"How deep is at the landing???" CLICK
You will search for steeper slopes that rock...

Days second to sixth:
Skiing. After having a short breakfast you will be transferred to the ski runs. The guide will give short explanations and will answer your questions with pleasure. After that you plunge with him in the Forests' powder. Run after run the pleasure will grow with the confidence. At the beginning you will possibly be a little tired, but after the second day this feeling is usually gone. As days pass by, your speed will pick up… you will start skiing longer pieces without tiring… you will begin to search for steeper slopes that rock… diving deeper in the secrets of nature will fill your heart with pleasure and joy!

Mining for crystals in the forests...CLICK
Mining for crystals deep in the forests


Exploring Todorka West.  CLICK
Exploring the powder on the West face of Todorka

After a day of intense skiing you will return in the warm comfort of your room, take a shower, rest for a while and rush to dine. Unforgettable nights with the famous Bulgarian wine, traditional food, and folklore music awaits for you…

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